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After 16 years and approximately 40 million ball studs, our four Toellner loader/unloaders are still operating remarkably well on our four CNC lathes. Sixteen years of three shifts, five and six days a week; they have exceeded our expectations.

Craig Fedewa, Sr. Mfg. Engineer
TRW, Commercial Steering


We had the Toellner system for about two months now. We increased our output by 3 times. We used to produce 450 conductor tubes a day and one person dedicated to load and unload each machine. Now we have one person running 3 machines and putting out 1500 conductor tubes plus other parts. The setup and maintenance on the machine could not be any easier. At first, my operator had doubts about the unit, but now he can’t live without it.

Nallu Paraman, Mfg. Engineer
Thermadyne Holdings


We got 1,320,000 parts off of the Toellner Systems loader before we had to do any significant maintenance to it other than wearable parts, which is normal.

Eric N. Reifert, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Pontiac Coil


We replaced much more costly robots with Toellner Systems loaders which resulted in a vast improvement in productivity due to loading speed. We immediately saw an increase in throughput of 9,000 parts per month per loader. In a cell that used to have eight operators on eight machines, we installed Toellner loaders and reduced the number of operators needed from eight down to four. We’re very pleased with Toellner’s loaders and are considering installing more for other projects next year.

Rick Kilhoffer, Engineering Technician


We installed two Toellner Systems loaders and went from two operators down to one for both lathes. We also saw quality control improve because the part was placed into the work holding more consistently and the operator has more time available to blow the parts clean. The number of parts run per hour also went up and became more consistent which allowed us to provide a more reliable supply to our customer.

Mike O’Neil, VP Engineering
Alpha Sintered Metals


We have been very pleased with the automation system that Toellner has provided us, including the support both before and after the sale. Our throughput on that particular work center has shown an average increase of over 20%. Because the output is now consistent, our daily scheduling has become much more predictable. We would not hesitate to involve Toellner again.

Brian Dachyk
Norlen Inc.


Current and Past Customers

Our loaders have been utilized throughout the world by companies that include:




Camisa – Mexico




Detroit Diesel


Federal Mogul

Maytag – Reynosa, Mexico


Milwaukee Electric


Parker Hannifin


Savage Arms





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