Misc. Options/Capabilities

Part Orientation

This option allows for radial orientation of your part. The part is picked from the raw parts inbound queue with the loader gripper and presented to the orientation device. After orientation the part is handed back to the loader gripper. Spindle orientation is required.


Part Orientation Checker

This option utilizes end-for-end part orientation detection to set aside raw parts loaded improperly into the inbound part queue by the operator.


Auto Door Open/Close

Auto Door Open_Close
For parts that are too long to load through a Toellner door insert, we can provide an auto door open/close unit. This unit is activated through the loader PLC. A Manual/Auto selector switch will be available for operator use.


Through Spindle Air Blow/Coolant Flush

This option is available for part configurations that have a through hole or bore. This hole/bore allows chips and coolant to exit the rear spindle tube. These contaminants tend to adversely affect part stop points and in general disrupt smooth operation of the part ejector. To remedy this takes full cooperation of the end user to eliminate chip build up from bird nesting. TSI provides an air blow/coolant flush, which would be activated during any ID work via M-code in machining program.


Air Blast for Chip Removal

This option provides high-pressure air on the nest or gripper assembly to clear chips from the spindle prior to part loading.


Thread & Gauge Inspection Device

Finished parts can be handed off to a gripper which positions the part for inspection with a thread detecting sensor or gauge. The system can be programmed so that after a designated number of faulty parts occur in a row, the lathe interlock is activated, stopping the lathe. A flashing light is illuminated and system faults, requiring operator intervention.


Part Ejector with Part Stop

We can supply you with a spring loaded part ejector if your machine isn’t equipped with one.


Other Options

If you have an application that requires a solution other than what is listed here,
contact us. We have designed many solutions to a variety of unique applications.