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We Increase Production Rates
(Translation: We load/unload FAST!) Our systems show REAL productivity increases (30% - 50%!) in high volume applications by loading/unloading through the machine door instead of opening and closing the door like you see with manual loading/unloading, conventional robots, and gantry systems. This saves valuable time. Our signature approach of loading/unloading parts through the door can be twice as fast as traditional door open/close methods.) See How
We Decrease Labor Costs
We reduce the number of operators required to keep production flowing at a constant rate. It is common to see a 50% - 67% reduction in labor costs associated with running machines now tended by Toellner Systems loaders/unloaders. Imagine the financial impact of having one employee instead of three, operating three machines. See How`
We Improve Worker Safety
We can reduce repetitive motion injuries for operators that result from performing the same task day after day, month after month, year after year. We can also load heavy parts that can be too cumbersome for an operator to handle. We've loaded parts weighing over 100 lbs. The end result? Toellner Systems improves worker safety, resulting in fewer worker's compensation claims.
We Improve Part Quality &
Reduce Production Variability
By consistently loading your parts in the proper position in the work holding we help improve part quality. Your operators will also have more time for part QC, improving the quality of parts that leave your facility. Additionally, by removing the loading variables that exist from operator to operator and shift to shift, we provide you with a consistent production rate, allowing you to schedule more accurately.
We're Flexible
We've retrofitted our loaders to equipment produced by all major, and some not so well known, machine manufacturers. Whether you're considering automated loading/unloading of a new machine or an existing one, there are few applications we haven't come across. Our loaders are also able to unlatch and pivot 110 degrees away from the door, allowing for easy access to the lathe work envelope for machine set-up and manually fed short production runs. As your production requirements change, so will your Toellner system. Our design features easy to locate non-proprietary parts, allowing for low-cost maintenance, future upgrades, and modifications that will maximize the longevity of your unit.
We Provide an Impressive ROI
At an installed cost that is typically less than50% that of a conventional robot and 60% that of a gantry system, we routinely provide ROI's for our customers in six to nine months. See Example
We Manufacture Durable Equipment
Many of our units are operating in the field 15-20 years after installation fulfilling millions of duty cycles with little more than preventative maintenance to keep them running. You'll see many years of continuous use after your short payback period. Find out more about all of our products including loaders/unloaders, parts catchers, conveyor systems, and accumulation systems here.

Since 1986, Toellner Systems has been designing fast, economical, easy to operate and maintain automated parts loading/unloading systems for CNC machines all while providing an impressive ROI for each of our customers. Chances are, we’ve installed a loader or unloader to handle a part very similar to yours.

"After 16 years and approximately 40 million ball studs, our four Toellner loader/unloaders are still operating remarkably well on our four CNC lathes. Sixteen years of three shifts, five and six days a week; they have exceeded our expectations."

Craig Fedewa, Sr. Mfg. Engineer
TRW, Commercial Steering

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Mission Statement

Toellner Systems’ mission is to assist American manufacturers in becoming the most competitive in the world. We’ll accomplish this by designing and manufacturing automation systems that epitomize: strength, precision, speed and value. Through sustained profitable growth, we will provide opportunities to our employees, returns to our shareholders and support to the communities in which we work.

"We had the Toellner system for about two months now. We increased our output by 3 times. We used to produce 450 conductor tubes a day and one person dedicated to load and unload each machine. Now we have one person running 3 machines and putting out 1500 conductor tubes plus other parts. The setup and maintenance on the machine could not be any easier. At first, my operator had doubts about the unit, but now he can't live without it."

- Nallu Paraman, Mfg. Engineer
Thermadyne Holdings

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Place your cursor on the components (pinpointed areas) of the loader to learn what each feature means for you.

Interactive Loader

Servo-technology - This technology provides the fastest and smoothest loading/unloading available while providing flexibility for a variety of loading/unloading applications.

Slide - We match our slide's payload capacity to the weight of your part to ensure years of worry-free operation. Whether you're loading a one oz. part or a 100 lb. part, we have you covered.

Upper assembly - Our end-of-arm tooling is designed to take into account your part(s) shape, size, sensitivity, and orientation requirements when loading and unloading.

Access door - Our signature approach of entering through the lathe door (instead of opening and closing it) saves valuable seconds in the loading/unloading process.

Pivoting pedestal base - Our floor-mounted pedestal can be unlatched and pivoted clear of the machine door allowing easy access to the lathe work envelope.

Soft-start air regulator - This feature allows the unit to be brought up to pressure smoothly avoiding all sudden movements of the air cylinders, insuring operator safety.

PLC cabinet - Inside the cabinet is an Allen Bradley programmable controller. Conveniently located on the control cabinet is an E-Stop button, reset/hold, and power on/off switch.

Raw parts queue design - Your Toellner loading system may be designed with an adjustable inbound parts queue to accommodate an entire family of parts of various sizes and configurations.

Raw parts queue capacity - We design your inbound parts queue based on the length of time you would like your system to run unattended and the part orientation required, if necessary. Run "lights out" if you like.

Find out more about our products including loaders/unloaders, parts catchers, conveyor systems, and accumulation systems here.

“We replaced much more costly robots with Toellner Systems loaders which resulted in a vast improvement in productivity due to loading speed. We immediately saw an increase in throughput of 9,000 parts per month per loader. In a cell that used to have eight operators on eight machines, we installed Toellner loaders and reduced the number of operators needed from eight down to four. We’re very pleased with Toellner’s loaders and are considering installing more for other projects next year.”

- Rick Kilhoffer, Engineering Technician

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